Here’s day 6 of weekendRPG! The time lapses are now up to date with the playable version of the game available here:

I work on this horror RPG every weekend, streaming it on twitch and recording time lapses. Soon were at the fourth weekend.

Also, started a dev log here, ill post some updates as I add to the game:

Annotated time lapse video, making an RPG on the weekends!

You can now play a first build of the game here:

The game was submitted to a contest, thats its contest entry page. If you like the game, please consider sharing it with twitter and facebook, and voting for it! Could help me out….

also, check me on twitch if you want to catch the next time I stream development on the game:

Weekend RPG Day 5! Also a first build of the game is playable!
Check it out here:

I entered the game in this game making contest. If you like it, please share the page and vote if you can, thanks!

Just put up day 4 of WeekendRPG! Mostly sprites, and some map making at the end.

Annotated time lapses of making a horror game with RPG Maker VX!

Here’s day 3 of WeekendRPG! Making a horror game in RPGMaker vx in the weekends, and putting up annotated time lapses of it all.

Day 2 of weekendRPG went up! Commented videos about making a short horror game in RPG Maker VX. On Day 2, I do more pixel art, and polish some of the early rooms.

Commented time lapse of the first day of WeekendRPG!

Making a horror game in RPG Maker VX on the weekends. It is a lot of fun so far. If you missed my stream, check this out. I added some commentary in the form of annotations if you’re interested…